Samstag, 18. Februar 2012

The Boy and the sea

The Boy and the Sea

curly hair in the freezing wind
green eyes lost in the distance,
they clearly never have sinned
the wide ocean is so consistent

white and light shimmers his skin
time and space are non-existent,
the water seems so thick and thin
his will is unbroken and resistant

fists in his pockets this is not berlin
still glad to always hold to persistence,
with quivering lips, a teardrop on the chin
one last gaze, his only love has timeless existence

That’s actually the first time I wrote a poem with a rhyme in it. I think it’s so hard to write something that rhymes. Usually when I write I have an idea in my had and I want to describe this idea with the words that pop into my head and seems to fit. Therefore there is no space for such a fixed word structure as it is in a rhyme scheme. 
I’m not that happy with this outcome but I hope you can forgive me and label it with first time attempt. 
Oh and the boy on the picture is my brother again. I thought it fits quite well. 

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